recap of board meeting 01-15-20222

Simple Recap of Jan. 15, 2022 Board MeetingYear End financials and 2022 Budget will be discussed in Feb.12, 2022 Members Meeting.Dumpsters to be moved by Feb. 15-if possible. New site has to be cleared and made accessible for Dumpsters.Office will be moved to 160 Adventure Trail by Feb. 1st , barring any unforeseen circumstances.New office hours are: Tuesday and Thursday, 10:00 to 4:00. Saturday after 1st Monday, 10:00 to 4:00. Community Center Rental Agreement approved. We will install outdoor lights on both sides and back of Community Center.Also, will call Sam Houston about a security light on power pole in front of CC. We need more tables in CC. We’re accepting donated tables or will purchase used (in good condition) tables. If not, we’ll buy one per month. Total of 4. New AC Committee-New law says Members must be no relation or living with a Board Member. We will need at least 3-5 members. Volunteers will have to communicate with Board but work independently from Board. Please see Connie or Kathy for more information. Michael Cook has volunteered to be on this committee. Thank you, Michael! Road Committee-At this point, we are looking to have 10 members. We need one each from Sections 1 through 7 and 3 from Section 8. We have several volunteers so far but anyone who is interested will be considered. See Connie or Kathy for more information. Road fund-All CC rental fees will go to road fund. Due to not having all the details worked out yet, more information about delinquent maintenance fees and percentage of maintenance fees going to the Road fund will be discussed at the Feb. 12, 2022 Members Meeting.