PAPOA Agenda Members Meeting

PAPOA Agenda Members Meeting

February 12,2022 @ 10:00 am

160 Adventure Trail (Community Center)

Meeting Called to Order: Connie Kirkpatrick, President

Pledge to the American Flag and pledge to the Texas Flag. Prayer

Minutes from previous members meeting (Election Meeting)

read by Kathy Goss, Secretary/Treasurer

Accepted as read: Motion _______________ 2nd _________________

For ____________________ Against__________________

Accepted with correction: Motion ________________2nd______________


For:_______________________________ Against:______________________

Financials for 2021:Kathy Goss

Budget for 2022: Connie Kirkpatrick

Unfinished business: Dumpsters , Online Quick Books

New Bussiness: Update from business discussed and voted on in Board Meeting: Office moved,new days and hours, rental agreement approved, new security light on pole in front of Community Center. Lights above each door and dusk to dawn light on back of Community Center. No office help other than our directors, Maria Wagner and Marie Glass. Asking for donations of tables for Community Center. Or will purchase one per month for a total of 3 more tables.

AC Committee,looking for volunteers. Volunteer may not be family member of,or live with, a Board Member. Two volunteers so far: Michael Cook and Janice Jezek.

Bridge Committee volunteers to find out all information needed to build bridge, decide on kind of bridge,raise money,hold fundraisers,etc. All funds raised for the bridge will be held by the Bridge Committee.

Road Committee started with 8 volunteers, still looking for a volunteer from Sections 4,5,7.

Road fund started with a percentage of maintenance fees paid used for roads in the section paid. All of delinquent maintenance fees will go straight in the road fund as long as current maintenance fees are also paid.

Discuss percentage of maintenance fees paid per section and decide percentage to put on road fund per section.

Culvert on Adventure Trail beside Community Center.

Open discussion: 3 minutes per speaker without interruption.

Closing remarks:

Motion to adjourn:_________________ 2nd_________________________

Meeting adjourned: President, Connie Kirkpatrick Time__________