To all Property Owners

The PAPOA, in conjunction with the Port Adventure Architectural Control Committee, Michael Cook and Janice Jezek , are personally inviting all Property Owners to a Special Meeting at 10:00 am Saturday , April 30,2022 to discuss amending the Deed Restrictions for the subdivision.

This meeting will not be to discuss any other issues that we are dealing with at this time.

We very strongly encourage all Property Owners to attend this meeting! Any and all ideas will be considered.

The issue has been tabled for many years and we are ready to make the move,especially for Sections 1-6, but we also want to bring All Sections Restrictions more uniform.

Please remember : Saturday,April 30, 2022 at 10:00 am at the Community Center at 160 Adventure Trail!

Looking forward to seeing everyone

Connie Kirkpatrick, President PAPOA

Michael Cook, Chairman AC Committee