Members Meeting


Port Adventure Property Owners’ Association
Members Meeting
160 Adventure Trail, Community Center
November 12, 2022, at 10:00 AM
Meeting called to order: _ Martin Castle ____________ Time: __
Previous meeting minutes
Current Finance
Unfinished Business:

  1. Tractor muffler
  2. Clubhouse Sink
  3. AC Chase
  4. Newer larger tractor. cash/finance/ budget
  5. Section 8 bridge/culvert quotes
  6. Recover POA lots sold without a vote/ survey
  7. Budget for material
  8. Material for Adventure trail
  9. Material for intersection of Natasha and Port Blvd
  10. Material for Cherokee.
  11. Material for Pecan Bottom
  12. Material for Cedar Creek/Settlers Way West
  13. Material for Port Blvd and Eagle
  14. Material for Port Blvd.
  15. Rent tractor for a week if there are issues with POA tractor.
  16. Election Committee
  1. Candidates and summaries by OCT. 1st, Positions available VP, and 7 directors, 1 director from each
    of these sections, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,
  2. Asphalt for handicap access.
  3. Haul tires and mattresses away
    New Business:
    Conducting POA business

Motion to adjourn: _______________________ Second: ______________

Approve: _ Disapprove: ________